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Heavy Hitter Drivers

The ORIGINAL Gary Player Heavy Hitter, The hittable weighted training golf club!

This is not a training aid that will end up in the garage because of boredem. You don't use this tool and then go and practice, you use this club while you practice! This is the training aid you will continue to use throughout your life. No matter what level of golfer you are: Beginner, Ladies, Senior, Weekend Player, or on Tour.

Why is it that your practice swing seems flawless, and then when you go to strike the ball, something tends to break down in your swing? Because something happens when you need to make contact. The pressure is on, timing, tempo and the proper fundamentals must be there. That is the swing you use when you play, that should be the swing you use when you are investing time into your game.

If you are going to work at your game, get the most out of your practice time.

This is your very own Personal Trainer!

- Strengthens every muscle you use in a golf swing
- Adds distance to all of your clubs
- Develops and maintains a full shoulder turn
- Lengthens your swing
- Creates greater flexibility
- Maximises clubhead speed through impact
- Automatically sets tempo and timing

Swing the Heavy Hitter with or without using a ball.

Muscle memory will teach you to swing your clubs with the same rhythm and tempo.

Take a slow unhurried take away, and let the centrifugal force draw the weight of the club through the hitting zone for proper acceleration. Greater clubhead speed can only happen when you accelerate at the proper point in the swing. Then take that same rhythmic tempo back to your clubs. While you are on the range, interchange between your clubs and the Heavy Hitter using that same smooth tempo. Impact feels as smooth as titanium and also gives you true feedback by the flight of the ball.

You can solely enhance the golfing experience by utilising an extraordinary, one of a kind warm up practice club that allows golfers of any experience level to practice the correct hand position, swing motion, and to strengthen the muscles needed for golf, all while doing what you naturally want to do....hit the ball - and hit it well.

Available in 3 different weight options (click below to select)

Light version - 650g. About twice the weight of a standard driver. Recommended for the Higher Handicap player whose golf muscles are not yet developed. Teaches proper swing fundamentals.

Medium - 850g. Recommended for the Mid Hanidicap player. For longer, straighter, more dependable shots.

Heavy - 1000g. Recommended for the Low Handicap player. A great physical workout tool.

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