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The Putter Bubble

The Putter Bubble Eduacates the Mind!

- Works for right and left handed golfers of all skill levels.

- Attaches to the blade of your putter at the balance point to help assure a centreline stoke.
- Improves concentration.

- Imprints muscle memory.

- Trains the golfer to develop a precise putting technique.

- Can also be used in assisting the golfer in selecting a putter that would be more suited for the golfer's putting stance, style and stroke.

- Trains the golfer to focus on the exact centre of the golf ball being struck.

The TAC-TIC Putter Bubble is for improving the putting stroke of the golfer. The device is comprised of a hempishere athat is affixed to the blade of the golfer's putter by an adhesive. During the putting stroke the hemisphere strikes the golf ball, rather than the flat blade of the putter, and a strike not precise with the centre of the golf ball will result in an off line movement of the ball.

The TAC-TIC Putter Bubble requires the putting stroke to be absolutely square to the ball being struck and thus training the golfer to develop a precise putting technique. The object for the golfer is to make the ball go in a straight line off of the putter bubble.

Can be used and reused a number of times when it is replaced on the original backing paper.