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RedEye i330 Laser Putter

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The Red Eye i330 Laser Putter has been created to help you master the secret to shooting lower golf scores - putting! With an on-board laser guidance system, the RedEye is the most accurate putter ever designed to practice - and - play with. The interchangeable cartridges featured with the RedEye i330 Putting System allow you to practice with the laser cartridge and swap it out for the USGA Conforming player cartridge when you're ready to take your RedEye to the course.

Laser Cartridge: The RedEye Putter features a Laser Cartridge that emits a laser line on the surface to show you EXACTLY where your putter is aimed. The RedEye automatically guides your set-up and eyeline with a flawless straight line. No matter your personal putting style, handicap or experience - the RedEye delivers perfect aim the first time - every time - guaranteed!

The RedEye i330 Laser Putter features two powerful technologies. Use the on-board laser during practice and warm ups to automatically burn perfect aim into your muscle memory.

Then, with a quick conversion for USGA competitive play, you can put the consistent feel of the RedEye?s percussion mass weighting, two-inch wide sweet spot and face balanced design to work to help turn three putts into one putts, make more pars and birdies and improve your putting game for life.

Percussion Mass Weighting:
The RedEye i330 Laser Putter has been designed so the majority of the weight has been placed behind the center of the face of the putter ? the area in which you are most likely to strike the ball.

Enlarged Sweet Spot:
The RedEye i330 Laser Putter has a Sweet Spot almost two-inches wide. Combined with Percussion Mass Weighting, off-center hits still roll with the same velocity as center hits.

Face Balanced Design:
The RedEye i330 Laser Putter is perfectly face balanced with a smooth-milled flat face without burrs and ridges that can push the ball off the intended line.

For the ultimate in Laser accuracy, the Electronic Smart Target?? has?been designed to help you make sure you are perfectly on-line when putting indoors or outdoors. The Smart Target features a laser sensory system. When you align your putter and the Smart Target detects the laser beam of the RedEye i330 Laser Putter it beeps. Once you have perfectly aligned your putter with the Smart Target, a constant tone is emitted. The Smart Target also comes with a ?canopy? to block sunlight. (3 AAA batteries are required and are not included). The Electronic Smart Target is included with your purchase of the RedEye i330 putting system.

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