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Splash Board

After using the Splash Board Golf Bunker Training Aid, your sand wedge will slip easily under the golf ball and teach you how to use the flange on the bottom of a wedge to your advantage.

Using the Splash Board is easy:

1. Lay the Splash Board flat in the practice bunker with the centre line (your target line) pointing toward the intended target.

2. Generally, your swing path will travel diagonally from the outside to inside of the target line.

3. Place a handful of sand over the dot in the centre of the Splash Board or rake sand onto the centre of the board.

4. Place the ball on top of your gathered sand. Once you've prepared your Splash Board you can practice these drills to improve your bunker play:

The Basic Splash Shot

1. Establish a firm footing that will support your swing without slipping and will not dig your feet too deeply. Longer shots require a better base.

2. Set your golf clubface slightly open at address.

3. Aim your body line open to offset the clubface position to produce a steeper swing.

4. Splash sand from about two inches behind the ball out of the bunker onto the green with a swing patch travelling parallel to your body's aim but across the target line.

5. Let the length of your follow-through be at least equal to the length of your backswing.

6. Finish with your weight on the left foot as in other golf shots.

7. Do not let the face close until after impact.

8. Continue to accelerate through the ball to a natural finish.

The Buried Shot:

1. Play the golf ball farther back in your stance than a normal sand shot to get more penetration with the club face.

2. If your ball is buried deeply, turn the toe in to make a knife-like leading edge for easier entry, or use a pitching wedge for better sand penetration.

3. Accelerate well into impact, providing concussion adequate for the ball to exit the bunker. A follow-through is not necessary, but it can be helpful in sustaining force.

4. Consider usning a pitching wedge or a 9 iron for buried shots where a longer distance is required.