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The Search for the Perfect Driver (Hardback)

If you have ever stood in a tee box wishing you were invisible - this book is for you!!

In 2005, Tom Wishon shook the golf world with his best selling book The Search for the Perfect Golf Club. It's theme, however, was somplicity itself. It was the first book to explain to the average golfer, in simple language, how golf clubs worked!

Well, he's back to take on the curse of just about every golfer's game - The Driver.

The Search for the Perfect Driver will take you step by step through the science and technology that lies behind driver design. He'll show you what to look for and what to look out for in a driver, and how to make sure that the club in your hands is the right one for you.

But, he doesn't stop there.

As one of the worlds leading golf club designers, he knows that the club and the swing are inextricably tied together. This means that changes in the club can result in reducing or even eliminating swing faults that have plagued people for years. How? Tom takes you through a dozen examples, in detail, to show you.