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Right Angle 2

One of the major factors promoting repetitive solid contact is consistent width of swing arc. If the arc is measured as a radius of the swing 'circle', every tiny change in that radius translates to a significant change in the position of the club head. Each change would make an already complex movement even more difficult to repeat.

Additionallly, we all know from the width of Tiger Wood's swing, the importance of arc width in promoting distance. One training aid with is exceptional at developing consistent arc width is the Right Angle 2. By preventing the trailing arm from folding more than 90 degrees, the arc width is not only maintained at a consistent radius, but the radius is kept as wide as possible in order to insure the maximum leverage is applied from the club to the ball.

Here's what the Right Angle 2 will do for you:

- Allows you to get the club hinged correctly in the backswing.
- Generates both width and extension for a more powerful, on line move.
- Encourages a proper release that generates maximum centrifugal force.

And that means more clubhead speed and that means longer, straighter golf shots. The Right Angle 2 was designed for right handed golfers, but may be worn on the inside of the left arm for left handed golfers. If you want to improve your ball striking abilities, spend five minutes a day with The Right Angle 2 and watch your scores go down!