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Power Coil

The Power Coil locks you into the correct position over your trailing leg ready to uncoil and strike at the ball with maximum force!

Power Coil is designed to stabilise the golfers base to allow them to develop a powerful coiling action, thus increasing the 'X' factor and potential for increased distance.

With the leading foot firmly planted, the player is ready to unwind and fire at the target. Both timing and distance will be improved within minutes.

What does the Power Coil correct?

Many women, as well as players that have less flexibility, sway past their trailing foot in an effort to increase distance. The problems this can cause are numerous.

The leg strap portion of the Power Coil keeps the players centre of gravity inside the fight foot, keeping them planted for a good downswing transition. The strap is fully adjustable and can be used with all clubs. The knee brace portion of the Power Coil keeps the right knee (left knee for left handed golfers) flexed to create resistance in the swing and to prevent the dreaded 'reverse pivot'

Keeping the knee flexed will encourage the player to turn on the backswing and get their weight through the ball on the downswing.

Who can use the Power Coil?

The Power Coil is easy to use for any right or left handed golfer. Anyone who has a problem swaying back away from the target or tends to lock their trailing leg at the top of the swing can greatly benefit from strapping on the Power Coil and taking a few relaxed swings.