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Point 3 Practice Balls - 10 Ball Pack

Golf's foremost authority on the short game and putting, Dave Pelz, has committed his working life to research and teaching, to help golfers worldwide lower their scores. With his uniquely analytical approach to the game, the former NASA scientist has proven that improving skills within 100 yards of the hole is the fastest route to lowering scores. The Point3 golf ball is the favoured practice ball at every Dave Pelz Scoring School.

The Point3 golf ball is perfectly balanced for true spin, trajectory and accuracy. It's unique cross-linked foaming and internal pressure results in a .32 COR rating, approximately one third of a traditional golf ball. As a result, the Point3 compresses slightly upon impact just like a real golf ball, giving it real 'pop' off the club face and long lasting durability.

The Point3 golf ball is the first solid core, limited distance internal pressure practice ball that gives on-course performance in an off-course safe golf ball. It out performs hollow plastic golf balls and foam golf balls because it has true flight and real golf ball striking accuracy.

Hit it straight, play a fade or shape a draw. The Point3's true flight characteristics allow you to accurately assess your golf swing, ball striking, and follow through. No more second guessing whether you're hitting the ball well because the Point3 responds just like the real thing.

The Point3 is engineered by golfers, for golfers. Unlike other practice golf balls, the Point3's simulates real ball flight. Every great player knows that the secret to lower scores is practice but it isn't always convenient to pack up and go to the driving range. The Point3 brings the range to your own garden. It's safe around windows and even the pool (the Point3 actually floats).