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A simple and light new gadget promises to transform your putting practice sessions. Putter Cups have been designed to provide four simple steps to great putting performances.

A simple plastic design, the Putter Cup fits into the hole and provides four different targets, all narrower than the hole and perfect for a normal practice session or to prepare yourself prior to a round (if you become used to a smaller target, the hole will seem bigger out on the course).

Introduced at this year?s prestigious PGA Show in Orlando, the reviews were good and a number of top coaches and players have been impressed with the possibilities.

?I love the Putter Cup,? said Ron Stockton, putt coach to LPGA and PGA stars. ?We are using it in our instruction.?

The Putter Cup principle is: ?One target, four levels, how difficult, you decide.?

What are the benefits of trying to hole out in a smaller target?

Improved concentration

Constant practice to a standard sized hole results in lapses in concentration that ultimately can affect concentration on the course. Practicing to any of Putter Cup?s four levels aids concentration and creates many new levels of challenge for your putting practice.

Building confidence

There?s little to be gained from missing putts to a standard sized hole in practice. Whilst you may miss the odd putt when practicing with Putter Cups, you know the challenge is tougher and the putts you make are more accurate therefore building your putting confidence.

Varying practice / retaining interest

Putt holed, putt missed; the standard putting practice routine. Putter Cups give you a simple solution to the potential boredom of putting practice. Set the challenge level, set the distance and set your record. Every time you practice with Putter Cups you have targets to take on and beat.

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